A Hard Day's Night lyrics + sound      (open every blue item in a small new window)



  1. Read the lyrics.
  2. Listen to the song, while reading the lyrics again.
  3. Read the lyrics aloud, alone or in pairs.
  4. Speaking: Look at the lyrics. Ask and / or answer the following questions.  

        Work alone or with a partner. Don’t write anything down.                           

  1. Listen to the song again and do the Gaps exercise.



  1. What kind of night has it been?
  2. How hard have you been working?
  3. How should you be sleeping?
  4. What happens when you get home?
  5. How long do you work?
  6. Why?
  7. Why is it worth it?
  8. Do you moan about anything?
  9. What happens when you are alone with her?
  10. When does everything seem to be right?


Gaps         Peter Sellers version

Grammar: I should be sleeping like a log 

Writing: Tell in about ten lines about work experience that you might have or would like to have. Give examples of what happened or hopefully will happen.


Songfacts      Karaoke    Best Beatles song nr 11     Translations of this song   AlbertBraam.webs.com

Find the answers to the questions in Wikipedia

  1. What happened to the British and American singles and albums of A hard day’s night?
  2. What was so special about this?
  3. How did they get the title of the song?
  4. How long did it take John Lennon to write the song?
  5. Where did John make the last changes to the lyrics and what was the original line?
  6. How many copies of the record were sold in America in the first five weeks?
  7. Why did they want a strong and effective beginning of the song?
  8. Who sings the song?
  9. What was the most challenging aspect of the session?
  10. What are the lyrics about?












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