The Beatles - Penny Lane lyrics (

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1. Read the lyrics.

2. Listen to the song, while reading the lyrics again.

3. Read the lyrics aloud, alone or in pairs.

4. Speaking: Look at the lyrics. Ask and / or answer the following questions.  

     Work alone or with a partner. Don’t write anything down.

5. Listen to the song again and fill in the Gaps exercise.

    Gaps exercise 


    1. What is the barber showing?
    2. What’s on the photos?
    3. What do all the people who pass the shop do?
    4. What’s on the corner?
    5. What do the little children do?
    6. What’s strange about the banker?
    7. How does the writer remember Penny Lane?
    8. Where does he sit?
    9. What does the fireman have?
    10. Does he like the Queen?
    11. What can you tell about his fire engine?
    12. What would you usually buy in England? Fish and ..........
    13. In which season is that?
    14. Where is the pretty nurse?
    15. What is she selling?
    16. Or is she in a play?
    17. What does the barber do now?
    18. What is the banker doing now?
    19. What does the fireman do now?
    20. How was the pouring rain mentioned before?  


    Tell  who or what you see in the song:

    1. There is a barber

    2. There are people etc........


    Listening and Reading: Penny Lane 

    1. What became clear in the decades since the Beatles' break up?
    2. What did they do for each other's songwriting?
    3. What memories did Paul and John have of Penny Lane?
    4. What is the main instrument in the song?
    5. How did Paul get the idea of using a trumpet?


    Writing: Write a short letter to John. Tell of your experiences on Penny Lane. What did you see?


    Grammar:      Present simple 1  he, she, it + s         Present simple 2   the barber shaves another customer.


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